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Everyone at our school, from the front office staff to our web designers, is driven by an intense passion for photographic excellence. We eat, sleep, and dream photography.

Our mission is simple enough. No matter how difficult your own personal photographic hurdles may seem, we will NOT let you fail. Here at The Perfect Picture School of Photography, you will find some of the most creative and talented minds in the photographic industry, all of whom remain committed to your success. We will hold nothing back and that includes revealing the secrets used by the 'pros'.

If you are looking for clear and concise lessons on photography WITHOUT all that techno-speak; you will want to join us! If you are looking for ON-TIME and HELPFUL FEEDBACK of your work, you will want to join us. If you are looking for a NO-PRESSURE, "COME AS YOU ARE" environment, you will want to join us. If you are looking for classes where CREATIVE THOUGHT IS NOT ONLY FOSTERED BUT ENCOURAGED, you will want to join us. No where else is the pursuit of the perfect picture more fun, more challenging and more rewarding than right here at The Perfect Picture School of Photography! All of our instructors share the same commitment when it comes to your desire to succeed:


Bryan F Peterson and Kate A Peterson - Founders/PPSOP
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