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What students are saying about Charlie Borland and his courses:

Mastering Canon Flash Photography
Lighting Techniques of the Portrait Masters - An introduction to digital portrait photography
Lighting For Commercial Photography
Lighting Challenges of Architectural Photography

Charlie Borland


You were the greatest! I had a terrific time and learned so much. Thanks!


Thanks again. Charlie and Jennifer have just been the absolute best instructors. You have supported us unconditionally and answered our questions in great length and with amazing patience. You sincerely are the best and I am so lucky you taught this class together. My classmates must have picked up on you two immediately also, as they too have been the most supportive, fun bunch. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Pam Vasquez

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the course and your feedback.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it quite a challenge, especially trying to make a good showing.  I will be mindful of all I have learned and put it into practice.


Thanks for your honest critiques during the course.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing we don’t see the trees in the forest.


Thanks for your comments, Charlie. I've really enjoyed the course. It's given me an opportunity to look more critically at the image files I have and ideas for new images if I'm going to take my photography seriously! Thanks again!


Have been asked to do the photo for a CD cover for singer song writer Pete Bxxxxx. Would not have got this opportunity if I hadn't done this course so, Thanks Charlie for a great course!! You’re an excellent tutor!


Very much enjoyed the course. Learned a great deal. Thank you Charlie!


I asked my friend Sarah to model for me to practice my lighting. The gym she goes to, saw the pictures and asked me to shoot one for an ad, which is a before and after shot of Sarah. If I hadn't taken this course, I would have never had this opportunity! Thanks Charlie!



Thanks for your support, this was a great course! Being really honest, it's my biggest dream to open my own studio. Now, I have to still learn, but I'm looking for possibilities for doing it. Mostly I'm interested in creating shots of people or models. Once more, thanks for your course.



Your email was incredibly timely. I had started to do this when I read his email about compositing.... It let's you get some extra miles from your images. Thanks Charlie!

P.J. Q.

Hey Charlie,

I've been a pro for over 9 years and flash or rather the correct use of it has always eluded me. I'm now using my flash almost every time I shoot. And it's all due to your course. My critiques were never late from you. I learned a ton. This is a very difficult class to teach. I would hate to tackle it. I feel you did a tremendous job. I definitely got more than my moneys worth. Considering my starting fee for a wedding is $3,200 and most are either indoors or backlit by the sun, I have to know how to use my flash. That's a given. I now feel justified in my fees and that my brides are getting their money's worth. I thought you did a fantastic job teaching and would love to take a workshop with you. Thank you for all your time and trouble answering our questions. I never had anything unanswered. I finished your class feeling I've now mastered my flash. Please keep teaching. We need good instructors. Thank you so much for the class!

Kim Nodurft

This one is for you: Charlie and Jennifer - I would not have been able to get a portrait like this without the both of you. I never would of thought an internet course would ever be so helpful, and I thank you both.

James Rubin
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