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All About Color
Instructors: Cheryl Machat Dorskind                                                          Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost: US$169         

Color's radiating light rays affect us positively or negatively, whether we are aware of it or not. Color creates time, place, and emotion. Color uplifts, depresses, and instills fear and wonder. Color whether loud or subdued tells a story. A strong understanding of color theory, color temperature, and color's psychological properties is key to becoming a successful photographer. Although most artists and designers are trained in color theory, photographers typically are not. And yet, color (including black and white), often makes or breaks a photograph. Logically, it follows that to create artful or powerful photography, a photographer should learn about color. Understanding color will undoubtedly unleash your creative eye and improve your photography

Digital photographers control at least 16,780 million colors, so it is essential to know when and why to use a color and which colors(s) make most sense. It is a "use it and don't abuse it" philosophy that is tantamount to a successful digital studio workflow. ALL About Color provides the foundations of color theory and helps you develop a trusted eye so you know when and why to use the "right" colors.

This class is designed for all levels of photographers and provides interesting and evocative lessons coupled with personality revealing assignments. If you are a food photographer, then join me and learn what colors (and food) will enhance your plate. For the portrait photographer, learn about pairing wardrobe and backdrop colors (using color theory) to narrate a subject's personality, or to accentuate their hair coloring. For the fine art photographer, learn how to celebrate color as the subject itself. For the novice, join me and learn about photography and your camera by exploring the exciting world of color.

Color theory, color symbolism, psychology, physics, artistic expression, white balance, color temperature, digital color, black and white and white imagery, and the color wheel are some of the topics explored. Join me and enrich your vision. And if you are color blind (like 8% of the male and .05% of the female population), you are still welcome. I will teach you to compensate for the colors you cannot see.

Course Outline:

Week one: Color Theory, the Color Wheel

Week two: Color Psychology, Color Temperature

Week three: Chiaroscuro, High Key, Low Key, Black and White, Color Design

Week four: Fauve colors, Night Colors, Color's Artistic Expression

Course Requirement:
A passion for photography and a willingness to explore. This is a good class to try out new lenses and camera equipment.

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Instructor: Cheryl Machat Dorskind

Cheryl Machat DorskindPhotographing and painting since she was twelve, Cheryl Machat Dorskind is the best selling author of “The Art of Handpainting Photographs” and “The Art of Photographing Children” and the eBook, Photographing Children Naturally (published by Trey Ratcliff, available @ Flatbooks). She is also a New York Times acclaimed photo artist, a workshop instructor, a college professor and a fine art mentoring expert (FAME).

Cheryl shares her passion for photography and her knowledge of art, literature, music, and color on her blog (“Between Loads: Photo Thoughts”). A member of the ASMP, she actively participates in conversations on Google Plus and Facebook. She has been a photo instructor at The Perfect Picture School of Photography since 2006. Her students and photo clients describe her as “communicative,” “caring,” “artistic,” and “real.”

Corporate clients include: Random House, Niche Media, The New York Times, Newsday, The Southampton Press, Epic Records

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