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Food Photography Au Naturel Food Photography Au Naturel
Instructor: George Crudo
This extremely thorough course is jam packed with everything you need to know to get started in the world of food photography. Forget all of the technical jargon explaining the theory of light, cameras, or lenses. In this course we get right to the point and give you all of the practical information that you need to create stunning images; all in the convenience of your own home, without a lot of expensive equipment.

Learn More                                         US$169   (4 Weeks)
Photoshop Layers Fundamentals: Selections, Masks, and Adjustments Portrait Retouching Fundamentals in Photoshop
Instructor: Lee Varis
This course to designed to give you the knowledge of those special techniques and secret tricks that can make professional retouching easy for even the artistically challenged.

Learn More                                         US$169   (4 Weeks)
Wedding Photography Wedding Photography
Instructor: Charleton Churchill
You will gain the knowledge and skills to take your wedding photography to another level. Charleton is going to actually give you insight on what he does and how he got to where he is. He will be with you all the way. helping you become better at your craft.

Learn More                                         US$169   (4 Weeks)
Photography Magic II Photography Magic II
Instructor: Greg Robinson
Four jam-packed lessons, beginning with the first lesson on “free lens”, an amazing technique that shows you how to create amazing images WITHOUT your lens on the camera! You’ll learn how to create stunning visual effects with 3D photographs, create small ‘planets’ and tunnels...

Learn More                                         US$169   (4 Weeks)

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