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We are very fortunate to have such talented and enthusiastic instructors who unselfishly share their knowledge, skills and creativity on a full time basis here at PPSOP! And we are just as fortunate to have ‘guest instructors’ who are equally talented, but for various reasons, are not able to commit to full-time teaching here at PPSOP. In our ongoing effort to provide the best possible photographic instruction, we will continue to offer a line-up of unique photography classes and/or differing points of view about how to approach ordinary and not so ordinary subjects from Guest Instructors as well. And again, due to their time constraints, we can’t say when these classes will be offered again, so don’t pass up the chance to learn from these distinguished instructors as well!

Conveying Concepts, Feelings and Stories in Photography Conveying Concepts, Feelings and Stories in Photography
Instructor:Margie Hurwich
Learn how with the right composition and lighting, as well as post processing techniques, will move your photography style from capturing tangible, physical items to capturing and creating concepts, feelings and stories in your photography.

Learn More                                         US$169   (4 Weeks)
The Art of Printing and Selling Your Art The Art of Printing and Selling Your Art
Instructor: Mark English
Mark brings his knowledge and expertise to PPSOP with two of the most concise, thorough and remarkably easy to understand lessons ever found on the subject of digital printing.

Learn More                                         US$99   (2 Weeks)
How to be A professional outdoor and nature photographer How to be a professional outdoor and nature photographer
Instructor:Charlie Borland
This 8-week online workshop is especially geared to beginning through advanced photographers. In this class, you'll receive a broad overview of the outdoor and nature photo industry, gain a good idea of how to shoot your favorite subjects in a marketable way, and then learn how to go about submitting your photos and getting them published...

Learn More                                         US$249   (6 Weeks)
Lighting Techniques of the Portrait Masters - An introduction to digital portrait photography Lighting Techniques of the Portrait Masters - An introduction to digital portrait photography
Instructor: Charlie Borland
This course is designed for photographers with no experience. Maybe you have lighting equipment and are unsure how it all works. This course really is the next best thing to working side by side with the lighting master himself, Charlie Borland.

Learn More                                         US$169   (4 Weeks)
Mastering Photography for Architecture and Real Estate Mastering Photography for Architecture and Real Estate
Instructor: Charlie Borland
If you wish to shoot architecture photography, then this workshop is created just for you! Join award-winning commercial photographer Charlie Borland as he shares his knowledge in a step-by-step approach to photographing properties architectural properties.

Learn More                                         US$169   (4 Weeks)
Apple IMovie Apple IMovie
Updated for the NEW iMovie!
Instructor: Essie Nagler
This 2 week class will cover just about everything iMovie is capable of and it couldn't be an easier way to learn. All the lessons are screen videos and our instructor Essie Nagler will be taking you through everything step by step and you will see every mouse click as she describes in the background what she is doing.

Learn More                                         US$85   (2 Weeks)

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