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What students are saying about David Nightingale and his course:

The Art of Black and White Photography

David Nightingale

"I can say without any hesitation, that this is one of the best taught classes I've taken on this site or any other on-line class...and I've taken several. Your quick reponse to questions, your wide knowledge base aand your very in-depth critiques were invaluable. The lessons covered a great deal of information that led me to believe you are well organized and willing to share so much of what you know about HDR. Thank you. "


"This is my 5th course at PPSOP and I enjoyed the subject and your teaching style. Your lessons are full of valuable information and illustrations and are well presented. You are very quick to respond to questions and to give meaningful critiques. I would take another course from you, thanks for a great class."


"Excellent class! In my opinion, each lesson was well planned, covered just the right amount of information, and was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and follow. For me, the assignments were fun and challenging, especially since I'd never attempted HDR before. I found your relaxed teaching style and openess to share your expertise with everyone in the class very engaging. In fact, I shared with a friend earlier this week that I thought Bryan had made an excellent choice when he added you to his PPSOP team of instructors."


"A very nice class. Thank you! Well worth taking! You also did an incredibly good job responsing to all out questions - your responses were ver good and to the point, even when our questions were off the subject. Overall, a great class. Probably the best online class I have taken so far. Thank you! "


"This class has been great, I am still working and a little behind but I have learned a lot and I love taking pictures with this method. I am so motivated and excited. Everything is just the right amount of teaching homework, feedback, and no pressure. I have a lot going on and I imagine everyone here does. This makes learning all possible for me with my life style and age. Thanks again! "


"The class has been great and I learned so much. I wish it was longer than 4 weeks. I would enroll in another class instructed by you without hesitation. The lessons were well written. The flow of information was ideal. There was not much struggle in order to understand the material. Your response time to questions was amazing and very much appreciated. It was great to see very well developed answers to the questions that students post. I enjoyed the assignments that were given each week. This class got me thinking about photography in such a different way. I am glad that I was introduced to HDR through this class. I cannot think of anything that could improve this 4-week course. "


I really enjoyed this course and the way you led it. Your lessons are neatly and logically organised, your explanations are thorough and emphasise appropriately on the important issues, with just enough repetitions to make sure that we grasp well the essential. Your answers are clear and prompt. While you state your own artistic objectives, your desire to communicate your technical expertise without too many aesthetical judgments is surely appreciated.

In terms of the way you devised the course around Photomatix and Photoshop and the way they complement each other, I feel I can now use the best of both world and chose the appropriate techniques for each picture I want to do. And, like David, I was happy to refine my practice in the use of curve and my understanding of the histograms.

I thank you very much for this valuable course and wish you a long partnership with ppsop.


Great course, keep the ball rolling. I'll be a bit more specific here. It seems to me that this course is really about two things. One of which, of course, concerns the HDR software and options, a large part of what attracted me to signing up for this course. But for me there's another aspect to this course, I suppose you could call it an undercurrent, which subtly deals with how I work with my digital camera and Photoshop, especially with regard to histograms and exposure. This is no small thing. I almost feel as though I'm getting two courses for the price of one. Thorough explanations, timely responses and critiques, and I can tell you are having a lot of fun with this stuff yourself! One last note: I appreciate the straightforward responses to the submitted work not only from myself but from others. I prefer a teacher to a cheerleader, so thank you for that and don't change!


I love the course and have learned much more from it than I had hoped for. Your critiques on all the images are valuable. I find my self going back and applying the critiques that you have given on my images and others as well. I really like how the course is set up. Your explanations are the kind that make me say "Ahha! Thats how thats done!" The curves tutorial was excellent and I am really happy that you included it in the class. I really have changed my focus on using the histogram. In the past I would glance at it just to see if there was clipping. Now I am using it in my processing. I would love to see a HDRI II class from you. I would take it in a snap.

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