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What students are saying about Kevin Focht and his course:
Flash 1, 2, 3 and More Class with Kevin Focht

Kathleen Clemons

I'm loving your class and thank you for the critique of my photos. I've taken a few other photography classes through PPSOP in the past, all have been text based. What I really enjoy about your class, first and foremost, is YOU! HA! I love how animated you are, your enthusiasm, and how you make me feel like I am sitting right there in a class with you. It's great to be able to see the visual in "real life" and get a true feel for what you are talking about. The printout is also great to look at after watching the video so it all makes much more sense. And then to have the Q and A forum for additional questions just makes the class an entire package. I think the greatest part is hearing you speak, watching you move around, and just getting more of a sense that there is a "live" person there teaching. It makes taking the photos for the assignments much more intriguing to complete. I know when I took past classes, it felt like I was just doing things on my own and it didn't make me feel as motivated to get feedback.

I would definitely take more of your classes through the video format. I think it's great how along the way you give us ideas on how to grow our business or things to be aware of in the industry. That is so helpful. Also, I really like the funny commentary that occasionally pops up along the way. Basically, I am very much enjoying your class. I watch your video quite a few times to try and take in everything you say and then go back and read your handout.

I'm looking forward to this weeks assignment. Thank you for all you do!!!!

Lynn Lem

I "LOVE" the vidoes and the fact that I can watch them over & over and pick up something new every time (just like watching a movie more than once). The printed version is then icing on the cake because I will have a printed copy as reference when the video is no longer "airing" (again, I like the visual drawings on paper showing exactly where the lights are in relation to the subject)

The class I took before was more "lessonish" and what still sticks in my head is the short video clips Bryan did.

What I admire about the video, and you, is that we all know you're a pro, but you allow yourself to be "real". I love that.

I have images of Cora shooting salad & Yohanna flappin mud stuck in my head!

Brilliant idea, that video thing. (I think you found another "Hook")

In regard to another video, I was contemplating your Seniors or Wedding class before signing up for the Lighting (saw it last minute).

I'm very new to doing anything outside auto and info still tends to get lost somewhere between my head and the shutter button.

One final thing before I go. I appreciate all you guys and your willingness to share what to me would be considered trade "Secrets"

Rhonda Mahan

Wedding Photography Class taught by Kevin Focht..I am just completing this class taught by Kevin. I cannot say enough good about Kevin and his class. I only wish that it was longer as there is much more to wedding photography than can be covered in four weeks. I think that he does a very good job at hitting on each area for the length of the class. It is good to have the assignments and have the critques of a pro...Kevin.

He is honest and sincere but not brutal or rude. He looks for the positive and gives good suggestions as to improving.

As far as the Q & A forum, it is awesome. Nice to hear comments from others as they have them and to be able to see everyone's questions as many times they have the same question you do, or maybe something you had not thought of yet, but probably will. And Kevin is SO NICE AND HELPFUL AND PATIENT. He stays with you through the process and tries to do anything he can to help you work out problems or issues...short of getting on a plane and going to your home personally !

I had lots of questions and not afraid to ask, and felt Kevin sincerely wanted me to ask and wants to see me succeed in photography. Never once did I feel belittled or like my question or issue was insiginificant. Kevin personalized things and shared his own experiences, which is very helpful. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in wedding photography. Thank you Kevin.

Tina Rothe

This was my first class with PPSOP. I discovered it only less than a week before I signed up to take Kevin's course on wedding photography. I was a bit worried about the online method of teaching, since some things are better shown than told or written. I have to say the biggest benefits of this course for me was that I am able to work around my full-time job (I get home generally past 7pm) and how amiable and straight-forward and helpful Kevin was throughout the course.

The best portions of Kevin's class were his straight-to-the-point lessons. He'll tell you the do's and don'ts, but he's also open to the fact that photographers may simply have different styles. Not once has he even seemed unwilling to help, and being able to convey sincerity online is not something to be underestimated. As a four-week course, one new lesson and assignment per week, Kevin did a great job dividing up the lessons into coherent milestones. It definitely helps to know your equipment beforehand, and also to have adequate equipment for the course (and the money to back up those nice fast lenses), but Kevin was always able to critique with an understanding of the limitations of the equipment each of us had. The most beneficial part of the course was the Q&A forum, where students can ask questions to the class and the instructor. Kevin checked this so often, I wondered if he ever got a chance to do any work outside of our class! For the cost of this course, nothing makes it more worth it than being able to ask any and all quetions and having an instructor reply to each and every one of them. Some of the answers to our questions could have been discovered in time on our own, but TIME IS MONEY, and Kevin has probably saved us quite a bit of both. He never hesitated to share information, including his signature 'money' shots, the software and services he uses, and personal stories of him and his clients. If all the classes have instructors as candid, sincere, and serious about teaching, then I'm looking forward to my next PPSoP class already.

Jeffrey Kuo

"I have to say I am so glad I took this class. I have learned a great deal of information and new techniques to try. I greatly appreciate all of your responses to my questions as well as your critiques. Overall, I feel you did an awesome job. Thank you very much for all the information that you have given and I hope to sometime soon take your other course on senior portraits. I am very excited to get out there and try to start my own photography business and this class def. helped in doing that. The responses from all the other people taking this course helped a great deal as well- thank u!"

Beth Anne Opperman

"This is my 5th ppsop class. I took Wedding Photography with Kevin last month. Y'all are in for a treat. He's the best instructor yet."

Donna Stokes


I hope all is well with you.

Thanks so much for your insightful and helpful critiques over the four weeks of your class. I really think the Wedding class was so valuable for me -- who comes from a non-wedding shooting background -- to see all that goes into the process.

From planning to execution to completion, I think you made things crystal-clear on how to best present yourself as the photographer AND get the best results for your client at the same time.

Thanks again so much for your guidance. You're a terrific instructor.

Best wishes with future classes and for continued success in your photography career.

Dave Hines

Hi Kevin

Just finished the last of the videos, for a computer-moron like myself to be able to get a website off the ground in the short period of time we did,well it must say alot about the instructors and course.

Thanks again for all the info, looking forward to "playing" with the site.

Take care

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