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Lensbaby Magic
Instructor: Kathleen Clemons                                            Duration: 4 Weeks            Cost: US$169        

Just what is it about Lensbabies that has everyone talking? Why are wedding, portrait, product , stock and nature photographers all raving about these lenses? Lensbaby photos are everywhere! Isn't it time you found out why so many photographers are embracing the lensbaby blur?

What exactly is a Lensbaby? A Lensbaby is a lens mounted on a plastic bellows or with a ball and socket design, depending on the model, which allows you to manually focus by pushing, pulling and bending. A selected part of your image will be in focus, and you control just where that 'sweet spot' of focus will be by manipulating the bellows section. The remaining areas of your image are softly and gradually blurred, creating unique, eye-catching images. No other lens (or Photoshop manipulation) can give you the originality, flexibility or creativity of the Lensbaby. This lens will change the way you work, and how you see the world.

We'll show you the how, what and why you need to get you using this lens to create works of art with your camera. If you are a fan of selective focus, this is definitely the lens for you. The photographs you can make with a lensbaby are simply magical. Are you ready to move beyond recording the obvious and start making photos that stand out and allow your personal expression to shine? Then join us!

There is a learning curve with any new lens, we'll shorten yours in just 4 weeks. By the end of this class you'll be bending with confidence, and making wonderfully creative images.

Course Outline:

Getting started: basic bending and philosophy.
Understanding what the lensbaby is capable of providing.
Lensbaby equipment: Models and Accessories.
How and when to control aperture.
Selective focusing.
The magic of lensbaby bokeh.

How to best use the lensbaby for specific subjects and situations from landscapes to macro.
How to consistently get the shots you want.
Bending light.
Mood and motion.
How to see the familiar in a new way.

Course Requirement:
A digital or film camera with full manual exposure mode, any model of Lensbaby, and a desire to increase your originality and creativity. The Lensbaby wide-angle, telephoto and macro kits are optional and dependent on the student's subject preferences. Flower shooters should definitely add the macro kit.

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Instructor: Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen ClemonsKathleen Clemons is a New England based photographer, living on the beautiful coast of Maine. Primarily a nature photographer, Kathleen is known for her creative use of natural light and unique, stunning compositions. Her work is represented by FogStock, ChromaZone Images, The Jaynes Gallery, Corbis and Getty Images. She was named a "Lensbaby Guru" by the makers of Lensbaby lenses. With a background in education, and a passion for both photography and teaching, she loves to teach others how to improve their photography skills. Kathleen's photos may be viewed at

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