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How to be a professional outdoor and nature photographer
Instructor: Charlie Borland                                                     Duration: 6 Weeks            Cost: US$249          

Do you love nature photography and wish to make money from it? Would you like to make outdoor and nature photography a full time endeavor? Ask any full time professional outdoor photographer and they will tell you that this is no easy task. It takes devotion and hard work, yet there is no more fulfilling of a "career" than being a full time Outdoor and Nature Photographer.

Do you know what makes a marketable image? Can you edit out the duds and keep the winning images? Do you have an efficient and effective workflow conducive to selling images? Can you establish a fair and profitable price for your images and then negotiate the sale? Does your image marketing include the internet?

The business is extremely competitive and Charlie Borland has developed an excellent course that deals specifically with the needs of aspiring outdoor and nature photographers trying to break into the business. This 6-week online workshop is especially geared to beginning through advanced photographers. In this class, you'll receive a broad overview of the outdoor and nature photo industry, gain a good idea of how to shoot your favorite subjects in a marketable way, and then learn how to go about submitting your photos and getting them published. You will also learn how to organize your office and photo files, website strategies, approaching outdoor clients for assignments, promoting your business, pricing your work to receive fair value, and representation by stock photo agencies.

What's Covered:

How the outdoor and nature photography markets work.

Techniques and approaches for making marketable images of nature, travel, and outdoor adventure.

Equipment, concepts, resources, ideas, etc.

Pricing, negotiating, legalities, releases, marketing, etc.

Organization of your stock photos and your business.

Representation by stock photo agencies.

How to create a portfolio to market your services.

And one lesson includes a stock photo pricing guide which will help you determine a fair and accurate price for your photographs. Charlie will offer advice on how to improve your photos in such areas as composition, lighting, exposure, subject, and marketability.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Business overview, digital equipment, concepts,

Lesson 2: Nature and wildlife photography. Equipment, nature subjects, composition, lighting, exposure, histograms.

Lesson 3: People; adventure, recreation, equipment and props, models, releases, composition, lighting, setting up adventure shoots, visual storytelling, lighting on location, product photography.

Lesson 4: The Office: organizing your shoots, editing, numbering systems, film vs. digital organization, metadata, file naming, caption, keywords.

Lesson 5: Clients, the markets, subscription services, photo requests, image submissions, marketing, web strategies, portfolios.

Lesson 6: pricing your photography, negotiating, stock agencies, licensing models.

Instructor: Charlie Borland

Charlie BorlandCharlie Borland has been a professional photographer for close to 30 years. He has traveled the U.S. and parts of the world many times photographing the beauty of nature, national parks, outdoor adventures, and historic sites. His people, outdoor, and nature photography has been published in over 500 hundred calendars, advertisements, brochures, and magazines including: National Geographic Adventure, Adventure West, Men's Health, TV Guide, Newsweek, Outside, NationsBank, Farmers Insurance, AAA, Backpacker, Outdoor Photographer, Outdoor Explorer, Eco Traveler, American Photo, and many more. His success in outdoor and nature photography has led to assignments for Columbia Sportswear, Of the Earth Clothing, America West Airlines, Nike, Camelbak, Black Diamond, Early Winters Clothing, Northwest Airlines, Metolius Mountain Products, and many more.

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