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Photography Seminar with Bryan Peterson


Instructor/Lecturer: Bryan Peterson      
Date: March 22, 2014          
Cost: USD69.00/person for Hampton Roads Digital Photography Club members(discount code required). USD79.00/person for non-members.
Location: Hampton Roads Convention Center
Conference Rooms A-D, 1610 Coliseum Dr., Hampton, VA 23666
Time: 9am-5pm Doors open at 8am-Lunch Break from 12pm-1pm.

Event Description:

Within the first 30 minutes of this SLIDE/TALK LECTURE , you'll learn the difference between a correct exposure and a creatively correct exposure; within an hour, you'll have a firm grasp on the relationship between f/stops, shutter speeds and ISO. That's the magic of Bryan's unique teaching style, which has helped turn the confusing and intimidating world of exposure into total control for thousands of students. Based in part on Bryan's bestseller, Understanding Exposure, this SLIDE/TALK LECTURE will boost your level of expertise. Do you know which ONE aperture to use and when you should use it to get the greatest contrast and sharpness in your exposure? Do you know which two apertures guarantee your background will remain as an out of focus tone? Do you know which ONE aperture when combined with the 'right' lens will give you an area of sharpness from three feet to infinity?

Have you fully explored ALL the possibilities of motion-filled exposures? Well climb on board and buckle your seat belt as Bryan also takes you on fantastic journey into the world of creative exposures where the shutter speed is King; freezing action, implying motion, panning and the basics of using electronic flash, both as a primary light source and as a supplementary light source, all explained in the simple and understandable manner that Bryan is known for and this part of the lecture is also based in part on Bryan's latest book, Understanding Electronic Flash.

Light! The vast and varying levels of light on any given day or week need not be confusing any longer when it comes to the most common question photographers ask; "From where should I take my meter reading?" Bryan will share with you his three most common methods used in metering, methods that guarantee a perfect exposure each and every time even when shooting in the snow, sunsets/sunrises and city/country scenes at dusk or dawn and even backlit flowers or portaits. If you find the world of exposure confusing OR you are not recording consistently perfect and creative exposures OR if you don't understand why some exposures 'work' and others don't, then this is one course you can't afford to miss.

Are you having trouble 'seeing'? Do you often find yourself heading out the door with the intention of capturing some really compelling images only to come back empty-handed? Are you long on ideas but short on execution? What is the most common problem EVERY photographer faces in everyday composition? What is the symbolism of the horizontal frame? When is the best time to shoot a vertical composition? How does LINE, TEXTURE, PATTERN and COLOR influence compositional arrangements? What two 'tricks' can be used over and over in creating compelling landscapes? What is the ONE compositional flaw many photographers fail to overcome when shooting with their wide angle lenses? What is meant by 'visual weight'? What area of the frame needs ALL of your attention, yet it always gets overlooked? Do you 'see' the potential in recording some subjects as out of focus tones or shapes? Does the 'rule of thirds' have to really be a hard and fast rule?

If ever there was a slide/talk lecture on developing your vision with the promise of recording one compelling composition after another this would be it. Your camera bag is a virtual gold mine of compelling compositions, IF you would only know how your lenses 'see' and in turn apply their vision to the basic principles of compositon. Any subject can be turned into a compelling shot, no matter how mundane, IF you apply the vast and creative principles that are offered in this slide/talk lecture on seeing creatively!

Following this informative and fun-filled seven hour presentation, every photographer, from beginner to working pro, will feel much more creative and energized with a host of new ideas!

Instructor/Lecturer: Bryan Peterson

bryan petersonBryan has been a successful commercial photographer for over 30 years whose clients include American Express, Kodak, UPS, Phillips and Citibank. In addition he has received awards from the Communication Arts Photography Annual seven times, Print Magazine four times and has also won the prestigious New York Art Directors Gold Award. He is also a contributing editor at Popular Photography magazine and has been teaching photography for over 20 years. His largest audience knows him as the photographer/writer of four best-selling books, Understanding Exposure, Understanding Digital Photography, Learning to See Creatively and Beyond Portraits.

In addition to his boundless enthusiasm, Bryan brings a unique teaching style to every Workshop with his numerous "good/bad, before/after examples" that will guarantee a creative and joy-filled experience by all photographers while elevating them to new photographic heights that they had only dreamed of reaching prior to this workshop.

Bryan is also the founder of The Perfect Picture School of Photography,, the number one on-line photography school in the world.

Bryan is also the best-selling author of seven photography books and he will be selling and signing three of his books at the event-Understanding Exposure, Understanding Electronic Flash, and Bryan F Peterson's Field Guide to Understanding Photography. If you already own one or several of Bryan's books, you are encouraged to bring them to the event and Bryan will happily sign them for you!

bryan peterson Books

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